Kitten/Puppy Hill’s® Healthy Advantage™ Promotion – Ends December 31, 2017

Offer: receive one free bag of Hill’s® Healthy Advantage™ Kitten – Dry (2 kg bag) or depending on which is suitable for your puppy, one free bag of either Hill’s® Healthy Advantage™ Puppy – Dry (4 kg bag) or Hill’s® Healthy Advantage™ Puppy Large Breed – Dry (4 kg bag) when you come into Airport Animal Hospital for your first kitten/puppy examination and vaccinations.  At this initial visit, you will also receive a booklet of additional coupons which you may use for future discounts on the purchase of Hill’s® Healthy Advantage™ Kitten or Puppy food.

Details: for further details on this promotion or Hill’s® Healthy Advantage™, please contact our hospital or visit the following link:

Hill’s® Healthy Advantage™  Kitten/Puppy Diets:


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